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Little Dutch Girl at the Well Toothpick Holder


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Ivory Embossed Satin Wine Bag


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Tissue Holder Hip Flowered


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Wooden Dutch Mini Shoe Vintage


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Ladies Hankie Handmade Special


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Primitive Quilt Eggs


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Welcome to my Zibbet shop where I will have hand sewn decorations,accessories,wedding pillows & other wedding items. I will also have some vintage finds & fun items that I come across now & then! I love old items and wonder where they have been & who they have belonged to in days gone by. I hope you will have fun browsing in my shop and maybe even find something you can't live without!! I keep very busy with my sewing, painting & other crafts etc. If you live local to me & see something in my shoppe you'd like, email me & we can arrange for you to pick it up & save postage!

I also have another Zibbet shop- www.zibbet.com/monkmama54
In this shop I have hand painted & other handmade items!! Please come & check it out!