Item collection 7069041 original

Primitive Eggs Vintage Quilt


Item collection 3a019629 585b 440c a8bf 265d379c237c

Beaujewels Vintage Flower Brooch


Item collection 7083871 original

Primitive Quilt Eggs


Item collection 36db9506 3e68 47fb 8135 d2d9d571d68a

Quilting Basics Booklet


Item collection 2f3a819f bb4d 40f1 a10e 0b718ddb7f71

Hanky with Heart and Green Bow


Item collection 5cdafc1b 0b61 40b2 9dad 5eec7c6279b5

Vintage Print Fabric Tissue Case


Item collection 6cf63305 9f1b 47ce 8ada 450f1e85156d

Sheet Music Heart


Item collection 6816862 original

Heart Red and Prim


Item collection 7e3142f9 4956 43af b875 b15d8ec7fdac

Wine on My Grungy Heart


Item collection 3402814 original

July Miniature Teacup


Item collection 5b9c4294 d629 4cc7 a443 752491c35208

Victorian Prim Heart


Item collection 732421b8 5c09 464b 9b4e f2be6d316800

Precious Moments Miniature Wedding Tea Pot


Item collection 1de3d4b2 096d 4e4e aea5 8863df39c36d

Blue Beads Necklace Vintage


Item collection 53418575 7382 47b2 908c 2226b76d3205

Karo All American Cook Book


Item collection 3825561 original

Pumpkin Prim with Grapevine Stem


Item collection c6554e40 22c2 4ad3 8045 9c8429e227ee

Red Bead Necklace Vintage


Item collection ac773edc 8c39 4e83 9203 5b5e88575a8e

Hanky with White Satin Heart


Item collection 67359f96 ca41 4b4e 9cae 8b7c73526479

Gold Telephone Vintage Japan Porcelain


Item collection 86324228 39bd 457f bed8 d2fc3e27d632

White Bridal Hankie


Item collection 6810190 original

Plaid Heart Pin


Item collection 2552401 original

Hearts of Color Tissue Holder


Item collection 6817139 original

Heart of Quilt Pin


Item collection f71ee0be f4a3 490b a526 af066a8ab6a2

Christmas Bell Vintage Ornament


Item collection a67f7fd7 37f1 448b 88cd 9e2dd6b979c9

Gingham Yellow Vintage Half Apron


Item collection 331451d3 c838 41b9 9eaf 493622f4b256

Fancy Hanky with Vintage Lace Applique


Item collection 411a9fad d567 4c83 bcde 19e65f0d7cfa

Floral Tapestry Tissue Case


Item collection 21956d05 25ee 4d22 baaf de04784fd33d

Avon Vintage Captains Pride Nautical Ship Bottle


Item collection e4a0abf1 3bba 4c51 875d ce0c50110ca9

Vintage Gold Tone Glove Clip


Item collection 149e34a4 e57c 45f1 8df0 6ee0e61af64c

Violets Bavarian Village Vintage Candle Holder


Item collection 789b56d7 c417 403b 95a0 3008a935cd33

Tiny Tiny Santa Claus Figurine


Item collection f42598b4 c9e7 4807 8ff6 ddf1bb4c683b

Prim Heart with Peace Tag


Item collection a79d1ed9 a2b4 4192 be66 bf1b6c5d724d

Prim Yellow Chenille Heart


Item collection d0e224da 912a 4518 a32c dac08d669500

Lefton Miss Priss Kitty Vintage Creamer and Sugar Bowl


Item collection 4ab5e6b9 6e45 4f99 b08a aa4c06598092

Wooden Dutch Mini Shoe Vintage


Item collection 8f3d41d2 a398 4b09 abb8 30424530c1ee

Vintage Embroidered Hanger Cover


Item collection f6e115b7 6286 4aaf a3eb 28779a2530ad

Funny Design W Germany Vintage Candle Holder


Item collection 5f49db9c bfdf 422d 9d5b 87550ca44cb9

Fruity Vintage Half Apron


Item collection 1430a326 51cb 41d6 88b1 88e9e75896ff

Vintage Embroidered Hanger Cover


Item collection 8f68a188 7de8 47f9 88e8 a7bb0f062bfe

Chinese Porcelain Bowl Stand Vintage


Item collection 3214148a a0db 45e8 b84e 83f3d20f31a3

Farmer Boy with Flower Pot


Item collection 1cbf44fb 2f48 4a89 a996 1b8bd93e4aab

Pink Carnation Antique Tea Cup Saucer


Item collection afbe3761 1046 4208 96be e12b6dffd1bd

Antique Art Nouveau Flower Dress Clip


Item collection e30129f8 5af9 4e83 8690 63cf14a23913

Glasbake Vintage Herbal Pattern Mug


Item collection b530ac0b 942b 4c58 9d9c ca7b7bb2ccf5

Busch Gardens Tampa Vintage Japan Dish


Item collection 51d11395 c987 434c a376 92488ba73e6c

Opening Day 1993 Richard Judson Zolan Plate


Item collection 65027423 4e1c 41ab 88e1 d511e30e0fef

Vase With Grapes Vintage Japan


Item collection d8f1febd ddd5 421c 9f62 245fed3a1336

Tissue Case Floral Vintage Fabric


Item collection 44b4f511 a262 40de 8e51 264372c89a27

Iroquois China Green Lined Vintage Coffee Cup


Item collection 91062231 b170 4995 bf11 1c0f0ba45b2a

Daisy Half Apron Vintage with Daisies


Item collection 7198687 original

Prim Eggs Three Quilted


Item collection c932deb8 ddc3 49d4 abf4 6a61941fc82a

Alligator Figurine Vintage White Porcelain


Item collection 90ae89c0 0c8c 4b67 a853 541f48d65b7a

Corelle Apricot Grove Cups Six Vintage


Item collection 76dcb20f cf46 41cc ba09 1f378c3d3218

Sifter Vintage with Geese


Item collection eb2b9e93 3508 4e60 a9c0 8f0ca3c74326

Tissue Case Striped Vintage Fabric


Item collection 0b3953b8 e65d 4722 b97f ddb42a44b85b

Niagara Falls Vintage Mini Cup and Saucer Japan


Item collection 7e38d35c d4b2 46c4 89cd 10f455e22966

Creme and Pink Bridal garter


Item collection 555f70ec be17 400b ab1d e20a1bcfb08f

Last Supper Vintage Mini Cup and Saucer


Item collection 4533902f 6241 4861 a7ea 049525059850

Hankie with Pink Bow


Item collection 9b66d9c4 c227 4d30 9993 0f59a308a145

Bridal Garter White with Light Green Bow


Item collection daca9046 531c 44cb aac4 e3b348858a99

Hanky with Blue Bow



Welcome to my Zibbet shop where I will have hand sewn decorations,accessories,wedding pillows & other wedding items. I will also have some vintage finds & fun items that I come across now & then! I love old items and wonder where they have been & who they have belonged to in days gone by. I hope you will have fun browsing in my shop and maybe even find something you can't live without!! I keep very busy with my sewing, painting & other crafts etc. If you live local to me & see something in my shoppe you'd like, email me & we can arrange for you to pick it up & save postage!

I also have another Zibbet shop-
In this shop I have hand painted & other handmade items!! Please come & check it out!