Item collection 555f70ec be17 400b ab1d e20a1bcfb08f

Last Supper Vintage Mini Cup and Saucer


Item collection 4533902f 6241 4861 a7ea 049525059850

Hankie with Pink Bow


Item collection 9b66d9c4 c227 4d30 9993 0f59a308a145

Bridal Garter White with Light Green Bow


Item collection daca9046 531c 44cb aac4 e3b348858a99

Hanky with Blue Bow


Item collection f41ec640 d036 4a82 ba18 49c1b02d1cd6

Bridal Garter Lacy White with Tiny Gold Heart


Item collection 23589c7d 0a08 4299 9300 e70179c266ca

Garter White Lace with Pink and Blue


Item collection 1dd2ad20 eabd 49b3 8781 a708f98fa302

Bridal Hanky White on White


Item collection 048e1364 a8d9 43b0 b3bf 182f4f963c7f

Bridal Garter of Pink


Item collection b3442fbc c767 46ae a317 e2c331de711e

Pink and White Bridal Garter


Item collection b87162d0 d09d 40b4 b8c4 60b7225c218a

Primitive Egg Basket Bowl Fillers


Item collection 6810157 original

Tissue Holder Travel Prim Hearts


Item collection 986e90e7 6499 4162 8240 8437dc930357

Syracuse China Vintage Cup


Item collection 0d4d75f7 442d 4041 9ed9 f4bb28847d2f

White and Pink Bridal garter


Item collection adf7c8e0 f5ee 4269 baf2 1e205b72e9dc

Napcoware Pitcher Salt and Pepper Shakers


Item collection 15685fcc 2eb0 4d48 a07a b7eb33aebb6c

Bridal Garter Creme and Teal Green


Item collection 6205732d 93a8 4847 85dd 6c2fc58ac225

Bridal Garter White Lace with Blue Ribbon


Item collection f2b9ea24 316a 4f56 bcd8 0261fe1934c4

Toaster Cover Vintage


Item collection 22accfd8 d74f 4107 abe3 7ee34ac0646b

Fire King Vintage Blue Turquoise Delphite Coffee Mugs


Item collection becbf73f b540 4f38 805f 1e45216ee01b

Vintage US Medical Corp Pin


Item collection 4440b2c8 a1b4 483e 8c09 305c566dee66

Black Kitty Playful Vintage Figurine


Item collection 06a209f1 f501 41fe af38 b5329abe4c4e

Valvoline Hot Wheels Pro Racing Car


Item collection 23256454 4dea 44bf 889e 71de55482baf

Campbells 1981 Soup Mug Vintage Corning Porcelain


Item collection f9305f0f b1b1 420b 8bea 6394f4caeb35

Fleece AG Doll Poncho


Item collection 7a3129b0 82f1 4fb3 a4a6 3b6d9af32958

India Boy Carrying Elephant Japan Figurine


Item collection 9725f7b0 1b2c 4456 b16a 998fcd63eaa7

Tissue Holder Red and Blue Mod


Item collection 1ebf91c9 2244 4750 8e61 f735be2697b3

Peach Floral Tissue Case


Item collection 7176083 original

New York Prim Heart


Item collection babd3127 8e22 43dd 80b3 39b6d82a5d72

Pillsbury Coffee Mug Vintage 1991


Item collection cb59aa83 2995 41ae a7db 87ddc97a6a83

Chicken Button on a Prim Heart


Item collection 3246404 original

Heart Tissue Holder


Item collection 81dd4961 a5d8 4bdc 8d5f 1d9284540dd0

Hankie with Lace Heart


Item collection b442f6f5 0422 4ede 9c0d 010c1dd5c8c5

AG Doll Top and Pants


Item collection 2e0b7b66 2aed 47a4 beb9 7d90c8c95882

Pink Floral Silk Tissue Holder


Item collection 780f1b9f 7b2e 4fb9 838e 9b7337929bf0

Tissue Holder Vintage Red Print


Item collection 867cfcae fe33 4a7f a9aa 848c044ef2d3

Bridal Fingerless Gloves


Item collection 0a139866 300a 4eb3 971d 78477609c4d2

Heart on a Hankie


Item collection d68b9666 3611 4412 9159 2b9d8493a2c8

Quilted Prim Heart


Item collection c30fb8f8 55bf 4fbb 976d 1cfa5d93b292

Tissue Holder Yellow with Math


Item collection e1a9389c bf96 4daf b54c 0da2e1833705

Kitty Catnip Toys Set of Two


Item collection 4cbe8c11 d625 43e7 afc7 67d479d9c070

Positively Purple Tissue Holder


Item collection f3eba62e 9a29 4cce 8c79 303f3c42c0c1

Poodle Pin with Faux Pearls


Item collection a0a7a60c c50e 4925 b95f 468562bc95fc

Tissue Case Hot Pink


Item collection 3dad4426 b7be 4694 be11 0bbab6f22f2e

Peach Bow Hanky


Item collection df069456 62c0 40b0 8e3e 6ac2ea7b282d

Tissue Holder Quilted Pretty


Item collection 489a1a26 aff9 4b71 8b4c e1d3d6488a1a

Porcelain High Heel Shoe with Gold Trim


Item collection 385a29e8 e867 4240 899c 74a7f8b6dc64

Gerrys Swan Vintage Pin


Item collection 30afc95e 283d 427c b06a 42f362118583

GIVE A Prim Heart


Item collection 51e50615 2503 45f9 98fb f4d761339770

Pink and Creme Bridal Garter


Item collection 68676020 3519 4369 ab65 85f6e5747f7c

Blue Flowers Tissue Holder Blue Flowers


Item collection aa141613 bdf2 4c0f 8e05 f034331f06f6

Berries on a Prim Heart


Item collection b56417d0 f5e8 40bc 9f49 adf257533add

Tissue Holder Vintage Leaves


Item collection 967256f3 f4bd 41ce b99b eeb269e71fc6

Tissue Holder Green with Math


Item collection 9ee61a9e e509 4264 bb64 83cc0dceda99

White Hanky with a Heart


Item collection b24c5f36 87ea 4396 bcb9 b6efbf037f9f

Niagara Falls Canada Vintage Plate


Item collection 96af5e9b 521e 4e04 80e0 a516a3f21150

Olde Blue Grungy Heart


Item collection 1d34529f d460 4346 bcc4 f8a5d32f9336

Tissue Holder Rounds of Colors


Item collection c42111d8 2640 4568 82b6 a5fd479d48f1

Bird on a Prim Heart


Item collection 9fbe77b7 dba0 4e80 a83f 103e14e5c93d

Prim Quilt Heart


Item collection 1d13418f 1939 48ba 8db0 e197ed8a3a79

Prim Star with Buckle


Item collection 7024494 original

Prim Quilt Hanging Heart



Welcome to my Zibbet shop where I will have hand sewn decorations,accessories,wedding pillows & other wedding items. I will also have some vintage finds & fun items that I come across now & then! I love old items and wonder where they have been & who they have belonged to in days gone by. I hope you will have fun browsing in my shop and maybe even find something you can't live without!! I keep very busy with my sewing, painting & other crafts etc. If you live local to me & see something in my shoppe you'd like, email me & we can arrange for you to pick it up & save postage!

I also have another Zibbet shop-
In this shop I have hand painted & other handmade items!! Please come & check it out!