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Fleur de lis Vintage Pin Charm Holder


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Gold Tone Ribbon Pin Vintage


Item collection b48c157a 68c7 4131 9d3a fbb442d5d607

US Military Collar Pin


Item collection 2963e2f0 6d5d 4565 9a54 d34a627fef31

Folk Art Angel Pin Vintage Hand Painted


Item collection f8bb97ec beef 4156 8018 5d489128817d

E Initialed Ladies Stick Pin Cross Stitched Vintage


Item collection 6b0ea99c 6f61 4d94 ab40 97384de4e515

Oval Brooch Vintage Red Gold Tone Faux Pearls


Item collection 4e495efc e1fa 4f43 aff0 cb7144d25a09

Star Pins Set of Two Vintage


Item collection 3a019629 585b 440c a8bf 265d379c237c

Beaujewels Vintage Flower Brooch


Item collection 6810190 original

Plaid Heart Pin


Item collection 6817139 original

Heart of Quilt Pin


Item collection becbf73f b540 4f38 805f 1e45216ee01b

Vintage US Medical Corp Pin


Item collection f3eba62e 9a29 4cce 8c79 303f3c42c0c1

Poodle Pin with Faux Pearls


Item collection 385a29e8 e867 4240 899c 74a7f8b6dc64

Gerrys Swan Vintage Pin


Item collection 6807411 original

Quilt Heart Pin


Item collection 6920256 original

Leopard Heart Pin


Item collection 3655263 original

Vintage Sterling Spoon Lapel Pin


Item collection 41e3e0d3 8acc 43e6 87d8 7ee4a299e068

Vintage Reindeer Gold Tone Pin



Welcome to my Zibbet shop where I will have hand sewn decorations,accessories,wedding pillows & other wedding items. I will also have some vintage finds & fun items that I come across now & then! I love old items and wonder where they have been & who they have belonged to in days gone by. I hope you will have fun browsing in my shop and maybe even find something you can't live without!! I keep very busy with my sewing, painting & other crafts etc. If you live local to me & see something in my shoppe you'd like, email me & we can arrange for you to pick it up & save postage!

I also have another Zibbet shop-
In this shop I have hand painted & other handmade items!! Please come & check it out!