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Otagari Vintage Tea or Rice Bowl


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Chinese Figure on Vintage Cloth Bag


Item collection 9da5c880 5036 4580 9162 701bd600058f

Pin Cushion Shot Glass Vintage


Item collection 835e82ed 71c6 44c5 a1eb 533cb8e0770c

Sherbet Dish Pin Cushion


Item collection db934b76 7f09 47ec b55b 4a0237c2e234

Porcelain Soup Spoon Vintage Oriental


Item collection f795c04a a072 46c8 8cf5 ca85c9a196f5

Wooden Mini Dutch Shoe with Design Vintage


Item collection d0e224da 912a 4518 a32c dac08d669500

Lefton Miss Priss Kitty Vintage Creamer and Sugar Bowl


Item collection 4ab5e6b9 6e45 4f99 b08a aa4c06598092

Wooden Dutch Mini Shoe Vintage


Item collection 8f3d41d2 a398 4b09 abb8 30424530c1ee

Vintage Embroidered Hanger Cover


Item collection 1430a326 51cb 41d6 88b1 88e9e75896ff

Vintage Embroidered Hanger Cover


Item collection afbe3761 1046 4208 96be e12b6dffd1bd

Antique Art Nouveau Flower Dress Clip


Item collection 76dcb20f cf46 41cc ba09 1f378c3d3218

Sifter Vintage with Geese


Item collection f2b9ea24 316a 4f56 bcd8 0261fe1934c4

Toaster Cover Vintage


Item collection 06a209f1 f501 41fe af38 b5329abe4c4e

Valvoline Hot Wheels Pro Racing Car


Item collection e1a9389c bf96 4daf b54c 0da2e1833705

Kitty Catnip Toys Set of Two


Item collection 52bae67a 492f 4185 b292 7591af5a41d9

Vintage Green Pottery Dish


Item collection 2885023 original

Dutch Yellow Wooden Shoes


Item collection 3220926 original

Self Cover Vintage Risdon Buttons


Item collection 2793699 original

Sears Vintage Paint Can Bottle Opener


Item collection 3172416 original

Vintage Sweater Buttons Carol Brent


Item collection 7253352 original

TANG Vintage Lily Pitcher


Item collection 6865337 original

Unicorn Vintage Brass Paper Clip


Item collection 1165575 original

Ivory Embossed Satin Wine Bag


Item collection 3269816 original

Monkey Head Glass Ornament


Item collection 801513 original

Vintage Hallmark Huggins and Hugsy Postcards


Item collection 2441450 original

Campbell's Mmm Good Child's Knife


Item collection 3106302 original

Carol Brent Vintage Buttons


Item collection 7283823 original

Vintage Cast Iron Mini Pan with Indian Head


Item collection 2378043 original

Wooden Vintage Knitting Spool


Item collection 24213550 7092 4871 850b 654b97453739

Pinocchio Vintage Wooden Doll


Item collection 3011213 original

Fireman Thimbles Vintage Set of Four



Welcome to my Zibbet shop where I will have hand sewn decorations,accessories,wedding pillows & other wedding items. I will also have some vintage finds & fun items that I come across now & then! I love old items and wonder where they have been & who they have belonged to in days gone by. I hope you will have fun browsing in my shop and maybe even find something you can't live without!! I keep very busy with my sewing, painting & other crafts etc. If you live local to me & see something in my shoppe you'd like, email me & we can arrange for you to pick it up & save postage!

I also have another Zibbet shop-
In this shop I have hand painted & other handmade items!! Please come & check it out!